About Me

Having worked in business my entire career, I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting so many different types of individuals with their own stories and journey. I learnt first hand that the basis of my success was due to cultivating and building strong relationships with those around me, understanding their own individualistic super powers, and having the ability to pull on their gifted strengths while also helping to develop the areas of opportunity within them.
I discovered that my greatest fulfillment was witnessing someone reach their full potential and knowing I had a helping hand in them finding their way to their best self. I found myself helping others, not only professionally but also personally. I knew that although I loved my career, I had a greater purpose and that was helping people find their way through life’s challenges. Helping them see parts of themselves they didn’t even know existed and that they were indeed capable of positive change.

My Core Values:


Building a strong alignment between two individuals where their goals are understood and respected. Where belief and actions are driven with positive intention, authenticity and transparency.


Understanding we are all equal, being open and welcoming to learning more in order to self reflect and improve.


The fire within which compels thoughtful and enthusiastic action.


Bringing forth valued communication with every interaction, acting and speaking with integrity.


Having grit and perseverance to withstand any challenge and not give up.